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Certified pre-owned equipment guaranteed by Serviform

In this section you can find certified pre-owned equipment for die makers, box manufacturing plants and paper processing companies.
Serviform checks the second-hand quality following scrupulous selection criteria.
Shouldn't you find the second-hand machine you are looking for, please do not hesitate to write us: we will do our best to support you in your search.

Lasercomb CLS 1712

Brand: LasercombModel: CLS 1712Source: Rofin Sinar 1200 SMWork area: 1200X1700Year/Serial number: 1997 For further information:

Unica 355

MY: 2005 Bending heads: 3Pt up to 30 mm 3Pt cutting/stripping 30 - 60 mm 4Pt  up to 30 mm including serrated Cut/lip 3/4Pt centre bevel 54° Cut/lip 3/4Pt double long centre bevel 54°+9° Cut/lip

Waterjet - Rubber cut

Cutting system: Waterjet Pump: 15 KW UHDE with intensifier Table: 1500 x 3500, bridge height 300 Complete with: softener filter and new 80 mm honeycomb Asking price: € 24,000 + VAT exw.For further

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