Serviform die makers: everybody likes them.

Why leading companies like them:

Total reliability
There is one thing particularly worth mentioning: Serviform machines that have been sold more than twenty years ago are still in production today Spare parts for all machines are still readily available. For the most urgent needs, we provide emergency service workshop.

Outstanding energy efficiency
Our machines blend productivity with sustainability giving our customers technological synthesis of an advanced industrial process that harmonizes different yet compatible needs. For example, our Idea bending machine consumes seven times less than a competing model entrusted to do a similar work.

Green marketing: more value to your business
Companies that employ super efficient machines in their production cycles can claim to be part of a virtuous and environmentally friendly supply chain, receiving undoubted image returns.
To each his own.
We count on an internal Research and Development department: we are really able to develop personalized machines starting from a particular request of the customer. We design prototypes and tailor-made solutions.

Why the operators like Serviform die cutting machines:

Serviform software: from the diemakers for the diemakers Each Serviform machine is driven by the SDDS (Serviform Digital Diemaking System) software, developed in collaboration with the leading European die makers and continuously updated by our team. The software provides a simple user experience along with intuitive and dynamic user interface that guides the operator step by step.

Less space to the machine, more liberty for us
Serviform machines are among the most space saving machines in the market. This is a great value for the operator: commands and functions are always at hand. More room for the user means to create maximum efficiency.

Product code for a Top Assistance Service
We know how much a downtime can cost to a die maker, which is why we respond promptly either onsite or remotely. Each machine is linked to an individual code which allows to the Assistance Service to quickly identify the issue and to resolve the problem.

Customized Training
We are not just selling machines, we entrust the installation to our skilled operators who then provide detailed information on features, characteristics and potential of the machine.
From the time of installation, our team is always available for questions and suggestions.

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