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All in Print 2018: Serviform takes it all!



Serviform takes it all at China’s most influential international trade fair in the printing industry RotaNeXt and EcoGiant - the stars of the show 

Nearly 110.000 attendees joined All in Print 2018, (Shanghai 24th – 28th October 2018), which closed its door last October 28th, after five days in which the visitors were treated to a ‘feast’ of printing trends and technology in the industry.

All in Print 2018 revealed some paramount information to our company. First and foremost, that the Chinese market is ready for quality and Serviform is more than ready to supply its edge technology. In fact, every single day on the fair, an average of 30/40 Chinese die makers approached our booth in order to get all the relevant information about RotaNeXt and EcoGiant.

But All In Print 2018 was not ‘only’ a Chinese event! We have welcomed visitors from all over the world, such as Philippines, Thailand, Kenya, India, Afghanistan, Taiwan, Bangladesh, Russia, Portugal, Vietnam, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Peru, Malaysia and Singapore. We can truly say, that even European and American shows are not always that international as the 2018 Shanghai event!

We attended the event with the support of Mr. Nanheng of Seaga Group Australia, our agent in Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to his Chinese origins and great experience we succeeded in handling very well all the visitors. We were able to understand their needs and could offer the right solutions. At the same time we had the opportunity to study the Chinese market with its needs; now we will take advantage of this precious knowledge and develop the right solutions for this part of the world, which presents a huge potential for our company.
Also Mr. Nanheng could take advantage of our co-operation in order to grow its technical and commercial knowledge of the Serviform machines, which he will bring to Australia and New Zealand through Seaga.

We can truly state that this trade show was only the first of many other steps we are undertaking in Asia: the next will be the presentation of our new local agents which will take care of this important and challenging market.

 Serviform and Asia: to be continued!

All the best
Team Serviform

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