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ECO 2.0 Small is the new big



Dear customers, suppliers and partners,
as many of you might know, Eco 2.0 is the evolution of one of the most popular die-making machine in the world: the Ecologica.
Since its first introdution in 2009, hundreds of satisfied users all around the world can certify increase of productivity and cost savings.

Eco 2.0 is among the smallest automatic benders of the market when it comes down to the footprint.
Nevertheless this machine has it all:
1. Outstanding quality,
2. European reliability,
3. Affordable price,
4. State-of-the-art flexibility!

Small electricity consumptions - big efficiency:
No more need for hydraulic pumps, Eco 2.0 is fully electrical. Though being electrical does not mean huge consumptions: our bending machine is at the top of the range as far as efficiency is concerned!
Small production time - big quality:
Eco 2.0 reduces your production time and increases the quality of your products, with the best value for money machine on the market.
Small size - big tooling choice:
Eco 2.0 comes with our interchangeable bending head system. It can work, with appropriate tooling, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 Pt rule. Rule heights from 10,00 to 32,00 mm.
Small budget - big flexibility:
Broaching module is available as optional, also perf, cut/crease and Revolver nick cartridges. Pro flexibility with budget prices!

To make a long story short (small): Eco 2.0 is the perfect solution for small and medium seized die-makers, as well as for the in-house die-shops.
We from Serviform (small) like to give you a demo of the performances (big) of our products (small and big ones).
Therefore, call us for a demo (small) and let us show live how your satisfaction will be (very big!).

Don’t wait. Buy small. Think big!

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