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New Serviform RubbA 1000



New Serviform RubbA 1000:
A thousand reasons to choose it!

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,
As Easter went by and spring is leading us quickly to the summer season, we from Serviform are keeping pace with this spirit of energic renewal! Even during the international lockdown we kept on working for you and your companies, trying to enhance the performance and the productivity of our machines.

Here we are with our new RubbA 1000, our automatic ejection rubber cutting machine! Let’s get straight to the point and find out what’s new:

1. Bigger is better!
The net working area of RubbA 1000 is now 1200x1000 mm! More space means the possibility to program multiple job at once and put them in the same cutting process.
2. All in one piece
RubbA 1000 can work with a full size rubber sheet. This means you won’t loose time to split your sheets before working them, so you will save precious time during your production process!
3. The sound of silence
The pneumatic cutting tool of RubbA 1000 (obviously available also on RubbA, even if already installed) is now super silent, which benefits greatly your and your operators’ ears and generally enhances your working environment!
4. Save rubber – save money!
RubbA 1000 is RubbAsave ready! RubbAsave, the Serviform tailored interface, allows to the operator to re-use the pads of waste rubber and, through a very powerful automatic nesting software, to use the rubber surface to the maximum.

All this new features boost an already very successful machine based on mechanical blade system thanks to which we guarantee perfect quality cutting performance, superior cutting speed and mechanical reliability at very competitive operation/service costs.

The mechanical rigidity and the tool arm allow you to apply accelerations and cutting speeds considerably higher than cutting systems based on plotters.
RubbA 1000 can perform kiss cut, processing self-adhesive rubber without cutting the adhesive protection liner. At the end of the cutting process rubber is obviously dry so it can be directly installed in the die.
A high luminosity beamer projects the cutting paths on the rubber sheet so the operator can easily decide where to cut the rubber and optimize the cutting path.

Thanks to our new tailored die-making software interface, RubbA 1000 also speaks die-maker's language! Direct CF2 and DDES formats feed the machine, no additional file generation is required.

In a not so far away future it will be possible to organize remote cutting tests broadcasted with our technical people. Therefore, stay tuned!

Have a look at the videos RubbA and RubbAsave.

Stay safe and healthy!
All the best
Team Serviform

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