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No Serviform RubbAsave? No party!



How often did you study your balance sheet and stop at the item “Ejection Rubber consumption”? We guess either you looked at it again and again or you skipped the line right away, because you already knew, it was a chasm.
Cheer up and party, we have the right solution for your company: Serviform RubbAsave, our tailored rubber waste reduction software.

With RubbAsave your rubber consumption will be tremendously optimized, because the area of waste to be re-used is defined by using the built-in projector, which bring the leftovers close to zero. In fact, this intelligent interface allows the operator to re-use the pads of waste rubber and, through a very powerful automatic nesting software, to make the most out of your sheet of rubber.

How does this exactly work? RubbAsave software re-calculates the positioning of the pieces to be cut, taking into consideration the waste rubber area to be defined. If the space selected is not enough to place the desired pieces of rubber, RubbAsave splits the pieces to be cut in additional sections.
Less rubber, more money, the party gets on!

Furthermore, you can powerfully push your production speed, since the tailored made user interface of RubbA allows to preset all your different operating machine values related to the different hardness and thickness of rubber. Last but not least, no ISO file for cutting is needed, so time is saved and errors from file importation minimized.
This means, more production speed HENCE more turnover and you will throw on party after the other!

Don’t wast time (and rubber!) and try our Serviform RubbASave.
You will party night and day when you see the results of this smart and astonishing software!
Seeing is beliving!

All the best,
Team Serviform

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