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Serviform Customer Service: we really take care, in remote: Remote Care!



How we transformed a department into an attitude

Dear customers, partners and suppliers,
As Sars-Cov 2 waves, one after the other, are hitting the world and we are still safer at home, travelling for business seems a faraway mirage. The traditional customer care which brings companies physically close to the clients had to be completely re-invented.
This is what we did in Serviform since March of last year!

We learned there are interesting and effective ways of staying close to our customers. Not only did we try, we really succeeded in offering services from remote, which we never took into consideration before, such as product demo and the installation of new machines!
We call them Serviform Remote Care!

When we present the performance of a machine, we do not only explain its technical features. We want you to send us a file you normally produce in your company so that we can show how the machine manages a real issue, yours! In one personalized virtual business meeting you can assist directly to the working session and understand immediately what added value the machine can offer to your production process. It is like coming and see us without moving from your place. Actually we are be able to demonstrate our LineA, EcoPlus, EcoGiant, RubbA, Rubbot2020.

Once the machine is sold, we had to understand how to install it, without being with the customer. We put ourselves in the customers’ shoes, to understand what would be the best installation experience for them. Consequently, we sourced the most effective technical device – our new remote care body camera - thanks to which the customer can literally dive into the installation process, understand and implement the single steps just as if its eyes and hands were guided by an invisible force.
As of today, we have installed a few machines in remote worldwide: just to name some in Mexico, Israel, Romania and Czech Republic…

To book an appointment for a Serviform Remote Care session is very easy: send the die file you want to test to our specific mail address (supported formats: DXF, CF2, DDES) give us basic specification on the rule/rubber you want us to use and we will arrange for you a personalized meeting connected in video conference where we will be producing your die with our machines. There is just one small item we did not yet find a solution for: how to offer you a tasty Italian coffee… but we are working on it!

In Serviform Customer service is not a department, it’s an attitude!
Do not hesitate to contact us today! We will be glad to give you a try of our Remote Care.

All the best!
Team Serviform

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