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Serviform EcoGiant



Diemakers who are looking for a performing automatic bender can be relieved: our EcoGiant has the perfect ingredients to satisfy even the most sophisticated palates.
In fact, operators of over 20 countries worldwide already chose this machine, which features a tasty menu of functions and benefits:

As a starter, the list of operations featured by the EcoGiant:
• straight cut / miter-lip
• bridges
• perforating rule (motorized)
• cut/crease rule (motorized)
• broaching
• nick (punched)
• bending
• scribing

The main dish, of which you can hardly eat enough, is the newly developed interchangeable bending sleeve system which allows you to work with different thicknesses and rule heights (2, 3 and 4 pt. steel rule from 22.5 up to 60 mm high thanks to the motorized punching station where the cartridge position automatically fits with the steel rule height used). With the changeover from one rule thickness/height to another completed within seconds, it makes the EcoGiant the most versatile auto bender available on the market.

The dessert, you can never deny, is our die preparation software based upon Windows® OS. The PC takes only information from the graphic environment. Machine control is now managed by industrial PLC. As easy to use as it was to now, the EcoGiant software allows selecting and defining dies faster and in a more efficient way. Radically new user interface makes the manufacturing of dies even easier.
In Italy, we never finish a meal without a strong aromatic espresso!
There we go: EcoGiant is also equipped with a new cartridge able to produce dynamic stripping tools! It goes without saying that flat top stripping can be completely processed and bent without any problem.

You feel, you need a digestive now?
Here we are: EcoGiant is the perfect choice for the dieshop looking for flexibility, reliability and high quality manufacturing!

Watch the video and order the whole menu: buon appetito!

All the best,
Team Serviform

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