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Serviform EcoGiant: discover the secrets of its success!



EcoGiant is one of our bestsellers all over the world. This greatly performing auto bender has its most eligible features litterally engraved in its technical DNA. Let’s reveal it exclusively to you today.

G = for new Generation multiple cartidges
No limits for multiple operations such as cutting, lipping and notching.
In the even wider special cartridge program, the EcoGiant has tailored cartridges designed to produce perf, nicks, and cut/crease rule out of standard cutting rule. This is 100% flexibility around the clock!

I = for double Inline broaching unit
Your make ready time in the use of high tolerance dies is greatly reduced, as a double inline broaching unit of the dies in this segnment offers the folding carton industry a great help. What is the benefit for you? A significant increase of the quality level of the dies and planarity, as, thanks to the broaching, minimum radiuses are smaller.

A = for the most versatile Auto bender
The extremely rapid changeover from one rule thickness/height to another makes of EcoGiant the most versatile auto bender available on the market today.
Its newly developed interchangeable bending sleeves system 2, 3 and 4 pt. steel rule from 22.5 up to 60 mm high thanks to the motorized punching station where the cartridge position automatically fits with the steel rule height used.

N = for No one like the EcoGiant!
Indeed, EcoGiant has no equals as its numerous features are all gathered together in one compact machine, which makes It a truly space-saving all-in-one!

T = for dynamic stripping Tool
EcoGiant is also equipped with a new cartridge able to produce dynamic stripping tools! It goes without saying that flat top stripping can be completely processed and bent without any problem. Not to mention the new dovetail locking system for closed shapes to reduce the need of welding in industrial tool.

On top of the above described features, we would not be consistent without offering continuity of different computer operating systems: EcoGiant features the latest development of our die preparation software based upon latest version of Windows® OS. The PC is used as a mere user interface. Machine control is driven by industrial PLC.

If die makers in over 30 countries worldwide choose EcoGiant and we disclosed its most precious secrets, what are you waiting for to contact us? Just send your file to We will be glad to show you live the performances of EcoGiant!

All the best,
Team Serviform

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