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Serviform EcoPlus



Time is money, ever since

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,

When it comes to bending and cutting steel rules, as you already know, Serviform has a lot to say. Years and years of active listening, focused research and development and field testing ended up in creating a very special machine - Serviform EcoPlus - which brought together the best of the two bending worlds: the horizontal punching and the pre-cutting/scissor technology.

The most important goal you can reach with this intelligent bender is to further automateyour steel rule production process, which means you can plan your work flow efficiently and save precious time - which is money in these frenetic times, as we all know!

In fact, the new bending sleeve concept, in which we spent as much innovation as we could, permits to pass from a steel rule thickness to another in a few seconds. But this is not enough!
On the EcoPlus all special operations (e.g. perforation, cut/crease etc.) are available as option, all the nicks are manufactured using 4 positions our famous Revolver nicking cartridges. A double side broaching unit with fast change tool is available. You can do your punch nicking comfortably on-line. The process gains an unbelievable speed compared to the past! Now also a Dovetail cartridge is available: cut/crease with real cut and real crease rule are now possible and also same height combo rules are done in seconds.

EcoPlus processes steel rules from 1,5 to 4 Pt up to 32mm high and shares the range of cartridges of our Serviform IdeA machine. From EcoPlus you can therefore expect the best of punching performances. As you see, with Serviform EcoPlus speed is never compromising quality.

We like it fast, excellent but simple! As standard all the machines of the SDDS (Serviform Digital Diemaking System) are driven by a newly developed software based upon Windows 10. This software is a user interface sending machine command to real PLC.
Last but not least, EcoPlus is the ultimate response for the die makers targeted to speed and quality with a specific attention on the investment level.

Try us, ask for more information or a live demo at our nearest agent here!
We will be happy to prove, that EcoPlus is really speeding up your production process!

All the best
Team Serviform

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