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Serviform @ ESU Technology Forum 2019



Follow our sound of passion

Three days to go for the ESU Technology Forum 2019: we are ready for the top European event dedicated to the diemaking industry which will open its gates in Luxembourg on 13th and 14th September. So are you?

Then follow our sound, which is the sound of passion for what we do and for how we do it: producing top performing and high quality machines which guarantee your diemaking process the best results ever. As we already anticipated, we will exhibit on booth D3 our top models: EcoPlus, RotaNeXt, IntegrAStrip, IntegrACrease and RubbA. You may already know one or more of them.

On ESU Technology Forum we want you to do make a further step, which is, virtually tear down the wall and have a closer look on what is within our machines. Features and accessories we created to boost and enrich their functionalities. Here a brief insight:

Dovetail cartridge: thanks to the dovetail shape of the cut/crease pieces, the surface of your boards are safeguarded, reducing significantly eventual damages. Come to visit us to discover for which machine models the cartridges are available.
Joint lock cartridge: Its, THE solution for the thermoforming industry, but in general for all situations in which closed shapes of steel rule have to assure a perfect joint. We are looking forward to explaining all the details on our booth!
Dynamic stripping claws cartridge: for the inhouse production of dynamic claws out of 3Pt high cutting rule; furthermore, a standard cutting rule can be transformed in dynamic stripping rule with spokes. Think of the dramatic cost reduction for your company! We are eager to explain personally how it works! Where? At the ESU Technology Forum, where else!
Deformation cartridge: ideal for small pieces, to strengthen their grip into the lasercut plywood. Find out, how it works on our booth D3.
Gate hole cartridge: expressly designed to punch square holes in the body of rotary rules. You don’t want to miss it! Just come round!
Micronick cartridge: particularly thought for the  production of micronicks and special creasing lines on 2Pt cutting rule.  Minimum nick width is 0,2 mm. We guess, this might interest you a lot!
Special cut for creasing rule: specifically created to produce reduced length cut on creasing rules to be used with steel plates.
Special cut for LaserCrease:  to process lasercrease  4/6 and 4/8 Pt (with RotaNeXt and Rotax Plus) and lasercrease 3/4, 3/6, 4/6 and 4/8 Pt (with IntegrACrease).

Does this not sound great to you? So, follow our sound and feel the passion for technology, progress and intelligent solutions! Not to forget: share also our passion for aromatic Italian expresso! Come and taste one on our booth D3!

See you at ESU Technology Forum!

All the best,
Team Serviform

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