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Serviform's Professional Technical Assistance



We like to make the difference

Who came first? The chicken or the egg? Then is there this epic trouble whether “to be or not to be …” or that movie called ‘Sliding doors’ which highlights that really distressing “what if I did not lose that train”...
We from Serviform do not like uncomfortable choices with uncertain outputs. We do eventually like calculated risks, surely love certainties and definitely sponsor bulletproof principles.
This is why we are sure that Professional Technical Assistance is not an opinion, but a tangible high added value our customers get when they buy a product from our company. And this is what we live every day! Let’s explain you why!
We start from the end users:
Our service experts have a significant competitive advantage: they do not only know our products by heart due to scheduled bi-annual training sessions! Thanks to the diemaking company which is part of our Group, they learn to know and understand the needs and difficulties of the end users and  propose quicker and more efficient solutions.
The attitude that makes the difference:
Our Service department is made of a team of 25 (both from HQ and from our agents) particularly competent experts whose technical skills are only the starting point of an overall attitude which focus on problem solving, active listening, intelligent scouting of market needs. Often the feedbacks from our service people on the field help our engineering to create and develop the machines our customer really need.

Sharing knowledge is a must:
The members of our ‘Service dream team’ are an international group of technicians whose aim is to solve problems in the shortest possible time, either directly onsite or from remote. The different case histories are then collected in a dedicated database which is constantly shared and enriched with experience and solutions. Sharing knowledge is one of the most remarkable strengths of our team.
Our Technical Assistance in a nutshell:
Availability: 24/7
First contact: within 24h
Type of intervention: onsite, remote technical support via fax, telephone, whatsapp, e-mail and remote connection through the Internet
Services: Total machine refurbishing at our premises; complete machine checks at your premises; scheduled technical visits, fast and reliable consumable supply;  tailored feasibility studies in accordance with customer requirements;  pro-active attitude as far as software upgrade, innovations and new developments are concerned.
Parts: Parts Delivery worldwide within the shortest time possible
Training: Machine operators training to be sure to use our machines at their top;
Consulting: Consulting for the integration of the machines in your workflow.
Technical literature: Detailed technical literature supplied with the machine (user manual and digital support).
Support: a tailored service program based upon a service contract designed in order to offer a wider and tailored assistance and support to Serviform machines users.
With numerous customers all over the world, we had already many opportunities to prove hi-speed, sharp competence and wide knowledge of our Technical Assistance Team. We are sure to make a difference and we challenge you for a try!
Contact our nearest agent for an appointment!
All the best,
Serviform Team

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