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Serviform’s remote machine installation service



50+ amazing success stories

Remember March 2020, when all of a sudden, the whole world stood still?
The only possible contact was online, via web. This was the moment when we from Serviform re-organized not only our Commercial relations but also all of our After Sales services. This is when Serviform Remote Care was born!

All of us hoped, it would just be for a short period of time, but It’s been over 18 months now since we’ve been assisting our customers via video demo and installation sessions. Let’s just highlight the remote installations today: the numbers are astonishing: more than 50 machines were set up by our team via web with the help of our innovative body cam. Thanks to the live video and audio communication we guided our customer through the whole process, eliminating the risk of infection for all.

We practically installed all types of machines, from EcoPlus to Rubbot, from LineA to EcoGiant in many countries over the world such as India, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, France, USA, Colombia, Serbia, Germany, Great Britain, Sweden, to name a few.

The installations were driven with much precision and accuracy in a fairly short time. Contemporaneously the customers could also take part to the training sessions both on the job and after the installation, during which the information exchange was really huge. Furthermore, thanks to the camera, the customers had the possibility to look at the recorded training sessions over and over again, so that eventual doubts could be easily removed.

After all, we succeeded in turning a huge problem into a successful opportunity, but was it a really complete experience? Not, it wasn’t, because what we missed the most was meeting the empathy of our customers, catching the sparks in the eyes of who got the point, celebrating a successful installation!

So, meet Giulio Assandri and his After Sales team online through!
He will be glad to guide your installation process step by step and to give you professional training lessons you will never forget! Always remind, though, when Sars-Cov2 will be over, they will give you a real pat on the back for your excellent virtual performance as well as propose a toast to live customer relationship. Cheers!

Until then stay healthy and take advantage of our Remote Care installation service!

All the best!
The Serviform Team

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