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Dynamic Stripping – Let’s discuss this
Face-to-face with dynamic stripping techniques in Serviform

The Servinform70 event dedicated to Dynamic Extraction and reserved for Italian operators in this sector was held at Caravaggio last Saturday, 11th November, and was a great success! An audience of more than 110 field experts including owners and technicians of 40 Italian diemakers participated in the day of training organised in Serviform’s ‘NeXt’ events area.

After a short welcome, Mauro Tomelleri, Sales and Marketing Director of ProForm, presented the key data of the Group’s member company that produces automatic machines for the die-cutting industries. The results associated with the significant market shares achieved throughout Europe definitely standout among the other remarkable results. More than 90% of ProForm’s turnover is achieved abroad, where no less than 57 countries import machines designed, developed and produced in Caravaggio.

The fact that 7% of the company’s turnover is invested in Research and Development is also significant: a very clear sign of the farsightedness with which the company looks to the future. ProForm has 5 existing international patents, including a patent regarding the bending radius (1 mm) and 12 active R&D projects, and confirms its position as the international market leader of automatic bending machines and automation solutions for the diemaking industries.

ProForm’s operating centre was modernised in 2017 enabling ProForm to enhance its productivity and efficiency. The Group has approximately 80 employees working in the 4,500 sq.m. of office space distributed in the 2 operating centres. Considering the specific nature of the expertise and skills required to work in this sector, the group of employees can count on at least one thousand years of common experience. The team is perfectly integrated and motivated and achieves, with modesty and humility, objectives which are truly ambitious!

Dynamic Stripping was the main theme of the event, and was addressed by two international companies which represent a reference in the sector: Bobst, the world’s top producer of automatic die-cutting machines and Boxplan, a German company with thirty years’ experience in the development of stripping systems.

Moreno Ghidini, Bobst’s Tooling Process Specialist, first of all provided a detailed description of the dynamic extraction process drawing from Bobst’s ABC manual.
During the presentation of the single accessories used in dynamic stripping, namely, the central extraction table (or female extractor) and the upper extraction tool (male extractor), Mr. Ghidini highlighted the various difficulties which can occur and presented the ideal solutions to be adopted to overcome them.

Joachim Jakob, Senior Advisor of Boxplan, instead, analysed the HYBRIDsetter system in detail, revealing important structural elements to produce a male tool for dynamic stripping. Mr. Joachim Jakob described in detail the parts used in the two extractors (male and female), and used a video to demonstrate the performance of the HYBRIDsetter machine.

The morning session was very intense and full of interesting information and was completed with the presentation of the new IntegrAStrip machine again presented by Mr. Mauro Tomelleri. The IntegrAStrip machine was presented at the IADD Odyssey in Chicago and exhibited in September at the ESU Technology Forum in Luxembourg; the IntegrAStrip machine is a state-of-the-art automatic machine designed to produce dynamic forks, flat top and needle point blades. The machine is compatible with Sysform, the modular software based on the AutoCAD® OEM platform that manages the creation of all kinds of boxes and is able to create all the tools for any die-cutting system.

The event was concluded in Serviform’s new Demo Centre where the guests, after the lunch break, had the opportunity to attend the live-demo of the IntegrAStrip and view other machines and products on display.

All the best,
Team Serviform

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