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European quality at the right price!

  • straight cut / miter-lip

  • bridges

  • perforating rule

  • cut/crease rule

  • broaching

  • nicks (punched)

  • bending

  • scribing unit

Eco2.0 is the evolution of one of the most popular diemaking machine in the world: the Ecologica.

  1. Eco2.0 has it all: outstanding quality, European reliability, effordable price, state-of-the-art flexibility! On top of it since the launch of the first Ecologica in 2010, hundreds of satisfied users all around the world can certify increase of productivity and cost savings.
  2. No more need for hydraulic pumps, Eco2.0 is fully electrical. A bending machine at the top of the range as far as efficiency is concerned!
  3. Reduce production time and increase quality with the best value for money machine on the market.
  4. Eco2.0 comes with our interchangeable bending head system. It can work, with appropriate tooling, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 Pt rule. Rule heights from 10,00 to 32,00 mm.
  5. Broaching module is available as optional, also perf, cut/crease and Revolver nick cartridges. Pro flexibility with budget prices!
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How much consumes your current Diemaking machines?*

Eco2.0 consumes only 2 KW per hour.

That's how much you can save

* You can find the data on the product label or in the manual of your current machine
** The calculation is based on 8 hours daily for 250 days a year. (0.12 € / kW - F2 band - except fixed power).

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