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The new standard of flexibility

  • straight cut / miter-lip

  • bridges

  • perforating rule

  • cut/crease rule

  • broaching

  • nick (punched)

  • bending

  • scribing

EcoGiant is faster and more accurate thanks to the new bending system with bend last system. The perfect choice for the dieshop looking for flexibility, reliability and high quality manufacturing.

  1. EcoGiant comes with the latest development of our die preparation software Based upon Windows® OS. The PC takes only information from the graphic environment. Machine control is now managed by industrial PLC.
  2. As easy to use as it used to now the EcoGiant software allows to select and define dies faster and in a smarter more efficient way. Radically new user interface makes the manufacturing of dies even easier.
  3. Thanks to the newly developed interchangeable bending sleeve system the EcoGiant allows you to work with different thicknesses and rule heights. With the changeover from one rule thickness/height to another completed within minutes, it makes the EcoGiant the most versatile auto bender available on the market.
  4. All the punching operations are performed by three “new generation” multiple cartridges. These cartridges allow for multiple operations (i.e. cutting, lipping, notching, nicking) saving on precious space and increasing production speed. In the even wider special cartridge program the EcoGiant has tailored cartridges designed to produce perf, nicks, and cut/crease rule out of standard cutting rule.
  5. Upon request now the diemaker can have a double inline broaching unit which reduces the time required for the production of high tolerance dies for the folding carton industry. Thanks to the broaching minimum radiuses are now smaller and the quality level of the dies obtained is increased.
  6. EcoGiant increases flexibility: steel rule from 22,5 to 60,00 can be processed, thanks to the motorised punching station: the cartridge position automatically fits with the steel rule height used.
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How much consumes your current Diemaking machines?*

EcoGiant consumes only 2 KW per hour.

That's how much you can save

* You can find the data on the product label or in the manual of your current machine
** The calculation is based on 8 hours daily for 250 days a year. (0.12 € / kW - F2 band - except fixed power).

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