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The new fully automatic milling machine for the dieshop

  • plywood milling

  • phenolic milling

  • steel plates milling

MillaPlus, is a CNC center peculiarly dedicated to milling jobs in the production of counterparts for the packaging industry. An extremely simple machine designed to offer state of the art performances and a superior price/performances ratio.

  1. Integrated control unit on machine frontside, onboard PC on tilting arm.
  2. AlphaCAM Essential, the ideal entry level product for basic 2D CNC work, offers the fundamental tools required for CAD/CAM production, including nesting of parts from the screen, and 3D Engraving.
  3. Material locking system with vacuum, vacuum pumps integrated in the machine frame. Bakelite working table with special milling designed in order to guarantee extreme working ease and suitable for perspirant working mats.
  4. “Black Box” CNC integrated with the electronic cabinet in the machine frame.
  5. Presetting tool automatically checking tool height. It also checks tool breakings.
  6. Pinion-rack X-Y axis movement, Z axis with ball screw with preloaded snail. X-Y axes are connected to the motors, Z axis not in axis, through a belt.
  7. Working table, vacuum system with related pumps, linear tool change and transmission of the axis “Y”. The portal with closed structure and transmission Gantry brings on board the axis “X” “Z” and the vacuum cleaning kit.
  8. MillaPlus frame is made of electrowelded steel.
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How much consumes your current Milling machines?*

MillaPlus consumes only 18 KW per hour.

That's how much you can save

* You can find the data on the product label or in the manual of your current machine
** The calculation is based on 8 hours daily for 250 days a year. (0.12 € / kW - F2 band - except fixed power).

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