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The big size fully automatic robot to install ejection rubber on the die


  • customized software interface for the diemaking industry

  • fully connected and interfaced with the RubbA ejection rubber cutting machine

  • completely unattended processing

  • autorubba software with automatic nesting reducing waste by 30%

  • flat die working area of 2100x1400 mm (82,67x55,12 inches)

  • on board camera control positioning

  • double positioning head for cut pieces

  • works well with all ejection rubber cutting machines on the market (mechanical and waterjet cutting)

  • Industry 4.0 ready

  1. Rubbot 2100 is the first fully automatic machine that installs cut rubber on flat dies
  2. Rubbot 2100 can process flat dies up to 2100x1400 mm (82,67x55,12 inches)
  3. Allows for five different types of rubber to be placed in the machine at one time. Works with rubber heights of 7 to 11 mm (0,275 to 0,433 inches)
  4. The self-adhesive rubber pieces are placed with an X-Y axis table
  5. The accurate positioning of the rubber pieces is controlled by a video detection system
  6. The innovative pick up system does not compromise the elastic response of the rubber
  7. The Autorubba software system allows for a more productive use of the robotic system by automatically customizing the rubber nesting and creating the cutting file
  8. Eliminating the need for any additional CAD programming
  9. The machine interfaces with the most common rubber cutting machines on the market, automatically supplying the cutting files used for processing
  10. Rubbot 2100 is an extremely easy-to-use automated machine
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How much consumes your current Rubber processing?*

Rubbot2100 consumes only KW per hour.

That's how much you can save

* You can find the data on the product label or in the manual of your current machine
** The calculation is based on 8 hours daily for 250 days a year. (0.12 € / kW - F2 band - except fixed power).

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