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The Innovative Management Solution for Die-Makers

Imagining and creating successful products requires cutting-edge tools. ProjectO is a comprehensive modular solution designed to manage every phase of project development, offering significant advantages for die-makers and their clients. With seamless integration with management and CAD systems, ProjectO enables the transformation of ideas into reality with unprecedented fluidity and precision.

Main Features

  • Order Creation and Quotation: Optimizes the entire order management process from the initial request to the quotation, integrating with management systems for a perfect connection between production, finance, and administration.
  • CAD Integration: With direct connection to software like Sysform, it is possible to quickly convert ideas into feasible projects, ensuring seamless fluidity between design and production.
  • Production Management: Intelligent integration with systems like Fabricode allows real-time monitoring of work progress, ensuring unique precision and control.
  • Technical Sheets and Data Archiving: Manages and centrally archives clients' technical information, facilitating consultation and optimizing organization.
  • Advanced Analysis and Statistics: Utilizing Business Intelligence, ProjectO offers advanced reporting and in-depth analysis for data-driven decision-making accessible from any device via web or app.


  • Unified Workflow: Continuous data exchange between production and administration ensures accuracy and automation.
  • Quick Customization: Flexible response to customer requests thanks to data sharing between ProjectO and CAD systems.
  • Monitoring and Control: Real-time supervision of production to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
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