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Chorula, Poland
Established in:
Nr. Employees:
Customer of Serviform since:
Nr. of Serviform machines:
Mgr. inz. Roman Radomski


What kind of business do you run?
  Chespa is a Group of companies serving packaging producers. Our offer includes: packaging designs with graphic designs and the supply of packaging production tools, such as printing plates, inks and dies. We also support clients with packaging production technology.
In the die-cuts division, the Chespa Group has 3 production plants that specialize in the production of die-form with all complementary tools (for flexo and offset technologies and other applications).
What is the market you are mainly serving?
  Our main area of activity is Central Europe. We try to reach as far as possible and develop new markets, which is why we are also active in and outside the EU market.
Why did you choose Serviform over the competition?
  Our cooperation with Serviform has a good base and long tradition.
We cooperate due to the very good knowledge of the market needs and specific requirements for the production of dies.
The support and understanding of Serviform is very important to me - going beyond the standard cooperation "delivery + service".
It is important that the cooperation translates into the fulfillment of the growing market requirements, taking into account quality and innovation.
How do you use our product/service, and how do you find that process?
  We use our machine park optimally and intensively at the same time. We are constantly looking for areas where we can do better.
We pass our observations to Serviform - importantly, our partner is open to suggestions and expectations. This gives added value to the collaboration and is much appreciated by Chespa.
How have you benefited from using our product/service?
  Working on machines of a very high standard and modern technical solutions integrated into a coherent work flow gives many tangible benefits.
How has our product/service improved your day-to-day life?
  Serviform machines perform very well in everyday use, even in 3-shift work. If the user cares for them and performs periodic services, they will pay off with reliability and efficiency.
What have you learned from working with us?
  What is impossible today will be possible tomorrow...
Seriously, I really appreciate the development of Serviform machines and services and the fact that they are still working on developing them. This allows you to be pleasantly surprised.
What you think Serviform has “peculiar” compared to other suppliers you have?
  Speed of reaction and professionalism in every aspect of the business process.
What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?
  I recommend Serviform with full responsibility as a reliable business partner.


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