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EngView Package Designer Suite


EngView Package Designer Suite is an integrated CAD/CAM environment for structural design and prototyping of folding carton and corrugated packaging.

  1. It is a set of functional modules supporting the entire design process - from concepts, to samples, to converting tools. Specific module bundles correspond to the needs of different packaging professionals and companies.
  2. The award-winning parametric design technology - EngView Synergy - enables the creation of custom libraries of resizable designs and components. It increases quality and productivity through reuse.
  3. The integration of Package Designer and Adobe Illustrator and the new functionality for importing external 3-D objects speed up the creation of structural and graphic designs, thus enhancing the efficiency of the design process.
  4. The EngView software is established worldwide. It is widely recognized as the easiest to learn and use product - backed by reliable and responsive customer support.
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