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IntegrAStrip: Do you like secrets?



Dear customers, suppliers and partners,

Question: Would you like to know how you to reach a 45% savings on purchasing of needlepoints and 60% of stripping claws?
Now, we have 100% of your attention, do we? Ok, than just keep on reading as this is not the usual tricky advertising campaign, this is IntegrA Strip!

What it is: IntegrAStrip is a centralized system to process steel rule for stripping dies. It is an automatic machine designed to produce Stripping claws, flat top stripping rule and needle point blades.
What it does: IntegrAStrip can work beveled and flat steel rule. It is equipped with a fixed bending head able to perform all the bending tasks requested by the geometry of stripping tools.
What the secret weapon of IntegrAStrip is: Basically, as the weapon is secret, we are not allowed to disclose this point, but… We could let you guess, that:
a) The IntegrAStrip software allows you to select and define stripping dies faster and in a smarter and more efficient way.
b) A radically new user interface makes the manufacturing of stripping dies even easier.
c) Special software features allow to the operator to program in a direct way on the machine the realization of stripping claws reducing the inventory costs.
d) All the punching operations are performed by two “new generation” multiple cartridges. These cartridges allow for multiple operations (i.e. cutting, bridging and punching of the claws) increasing production speed.
e) Using the tailored special cartridges IntegrAStrip can also create dynamic stripping claws from standard 3 point cutting rule.
f) As the other machines of the Serviform production, the press unit is fully electric and the power requirements are reduced to the minimum.

Here you are: Speed + Smartness + Efficiency + Increased production speed - Inventory cost - Power requirements = 45% savings on needlepoints and 60% of forks.
The first deliveries of IntegrAStrip are scheduled in spring 2018. Hurry up and ask for a demo! You already know what you are saving with this revolutionary machine!

All the best,
Team Serviform

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