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Laser Technologie Emballage
Casablanca, Morocco
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Customer of Serviform since:
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Mustapha Nefaoui, CEO


What kind of business do you run?
  Laser Technologie Emballage (LTE) is specialized in the production of flat and rotary dies. We supply operators in different business sectors such as Packaging, Thermoforming, Automotive, Aeronautics etc., with the motto Quality and Service. Our business approach is built around trust and customer satisfaction and our whole team is committed to this strategy.
What is the market you are mainly serving?
  We mainly cooperate with local companies, but we also work with the African market due to our acknowledged know-how in the field.
Why did you choose Serviform over the competition?
  The choice of Serviform as our machine supplier came in a quite natural way. Since the time that we’ve been operating on the market, we have always been listening carefully to the opinion and information which circulated between colleagues. Our considerations on our investments were based on criteria of reliability of the supplier and maneuverability of the machines.
We do not regret our choice, because since our first contact, we have always been well advised, well serviced and above all we could enjoy a perfect after sales service.
How do you use our product/service, and how do you find that process?
  With our 2 Serviform machines, which run at full speed in our premises, we are very satisfied, both with their productivity and the simplicity of their use. We really hope to acquire more machines soon.
How have you benefited from using our product/service?
  The investment is generally made in relation to specific needs: precision, automation, productivity, special tool quality, etc.
Serviform machines largely meet all these criteria. In addition, they are easy to use and extensively multifunctional.
How has our product/service improved your day-to-day life?
  With the machines we are deploying at the moment, and considering the tight deadlines our customers demand, we have learned to work in masked time (shaping of the blades in parallel with laser cutting). Our production process gaines therefore great flexibility.
What have you learned from working with us?
  The wide experience of Serviform and its know-how in diemaking and diecutting, allow them to develop machines in line with market demand and its evolution, exactly as the concern of the diemaker which is to find a solution for the final customer. The solution in this case is quickly found…
What you think Serviform has “peculiar” compared to other suppliers you have?
  As already underlined, Serviform offers machines that are easy to use, versatile and not expensive and complicated in terms of maintenance.
What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?
  Serviform is more than a supplier, it is an essential partner in the field.


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