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With us you build your success on innovation



As we all know very well, but often forget is that Research and Development plays a critical role in the innovation process. It’s essentially an investment in technology and future capabilities, which is transformed into new products, processes, and services.
 But what is the goal of innovation? Let’s start statingthat it is positive change, to make someone or something better. Innovation leading to increased productivity is the fundamental source of increasing wealth in an economy. Okay. The point is, that we have to fight competition and with a Ferrari we can be far more successful than with an old heap.
 Having said that, there are firms, which run a shooting star, even over years and then, nothing else. Companies must accept the inevitability of change by valuing innovation even above past success; one of management's most essential roles is to find a balance between supporting new and established innovations.
We have really good news for you: our Group has been doing innovation since the beginning of its history in 1947. We can proudly say that in 70 years history we deposited about 16 patents, 4 of which are pending. This makes a patent nearly every 4 years!
 Eight of our deposited patents are international and dedicated to our machines, to enhance their performance in terms of speed and automation: we patented mechanical solutions for our bending systems, steel rule moving systems, special tooling for steel rule processing, e.g. nicking revolver and a special machine for Braille.
The other deposited patents were developed directly in our own die-shop, Foppa Fustelle, which is Italy’s leading die-maker today. The aim was to create special solutions for the die-making industry.
 The four pending patents are again concerning our products, which we want to stay at the top for a really long time so that our customers feel confortable and well equipped even in a very aggressive business segment. Innovation is not a theoretic concept to us, it is the answer to the numerous customer needs to which we are committed to reply with innovative, sound and winning technical solutions.
This is us. This is the Serviform Group. 

Call for a demo. We will bring the innovation you were always looking forward to.

All the best
Team Serviform

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