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A day with Indutech Scandinavia




  • Company Name: INDUTECH ApS
  • First name (of the interviewed person): Morten
  • Family Name (of the interviewed person): Krug
  • Function (of the interviewed person): Managing Director
  • Headquarters of the company: Helsingør - Denmark
  • Year of foundation: 1996
  • Start of collaboration with Serviform: 2000
  • Branches: No branches – only HQ in Helsingør - Denmark
  • Nr. Employees: 3
  • ‘Core’ Activity: Die-making equipment – Benders – Laser machines – cutting rules all materials needed in the cutting process of solid and corrugated boards
  • Things we do best: We deliver a complete range of quality machines and materials – And due to almost 25 years in this business – we can advice our customers how they can optimize their production.

1.    Which production requirements prompted your customers to choose the Serviform machines?
Serviform has since they launched their first benders established a reputation for quality machines and services, but also always develop new solutions with the aim for automation.

2.    What are the main technical features on which your customers focus on choosing the machines?
Our customers, are very concrete persons. Technical features must have a specific aim,  they have to give a tangible added value to the diemaking process. Serviform machines are famous for being stabile and very productive. This is why our customer prefer them to many others.

3.    Why do customers choose INDUTECH?
Indutech has an experience of almost 25 years in this business now. Our knowledge ranges from the production process, over the materials to the machinery. The fact that we select our products meticulously and therefore only offer quality products which in the end enhances productivity convinces our customers to choose us over and over again!

4.    What is the aspect that makes you proud about the way you do business?
What makes us very proud is, that our customers recognize our professionality and know-how. They prove it by coming back and asking us how we can help them developing their business to become more effective. This is really the best confirmation of our tangible and additional benefit we represent for our customers.

5. The challenge for the next 5 years?
In the Scandinavian market – which has the highest production cost (salaries) in the world – our customers most increase productivity not to lose business – and are asking for more automation. In fact, die maker automation is a big issue and we look at Serviform with much confidence, especially after the striking presentation of the brand new machines Linea and Rubbot! We are confident to be able to give the ideal solutions to our customers’ needs.

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