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Serviform almost confidential


Karel Kanák, s.r.o.
Rohatec, Czech Rep.
Established in:
Nr. Employees:
Customer of Serviform since: 1999
Nr. of Serviform machines: 9
Vladislav Polášek, CEO


What kind of business do you run?
  The purpose of our company is to reduce our customers’ costs through the use of our high quality tools and avoid worries about manufacturing their products and thus increase their competitiveness on the market. We focus on the production of high-performance flatbed die-cutting tools for customers what mostly process folding cardboard.
What is the market you are mainly serving?
  Given our geographical location and size of the Czech market, we also supply tools abroad. More than half of our production is exported. The markets to which we mainly supply are Czech, Slovak, Hungarian, German, Austrian and Polish. Nevertheless, we also have satisfied customers in other countries.
Why did you choose Serviform over the competition?
  We perceive Serviform as a strong company using decades of experience in diemaking business and as a reliable partner who listens to us, responds to our needs and in whom we have a full confidence.
How do you use our product/service, and how do you find that process?
  We bought our first Serviform processing machine in 1999 and we have experience with almost all machine models since that time. Currently we have been working with nine of the Serviform machines and using all of them on a daily basis. They cover a full range of rule processing, starting with label rules, creasing and common cutting rules up to 60mm rules, including Braille embossing tools.
How have you benefited from using our product/service?
  Serviform company has made a big step in improving their CNC machines. These are hi-tech, stable and powerful machines and the working environment is really user-friendly. I am also convinced that the power consumption of such electric-powered machines is much lower than hydraulic-powered machines. It means that another benefit is represented by lower operating costs. Another aspect worth of mentioning is the service support that is on a high level.
How has our product/service improved your day-to-day life?
  Our work must be very precise and therefore we need the best equipment and machinery on the market. Serviform machines meet this need and thus help us satisfy the needs of our demanding customers.
What have you learned from working with us?
  From the perspective of the development it is very important to share information with each other, pass on various ideas and feedback, and at the same time have a partner willing to communicate. We have found such a partner who meets all these requirements in the Serviform company and we really appreciate our cooperation.
What you think Serviform has “peculiar” compared to other suppliers you have?
  TIn my opinion the biggest difference is in the whole concept of the workflow in the rule processing, and in assembling department afterwards. There is a possibility to easily change the processing concept accordingly to a particular job difficulty or capacity needs. Most of the machines can be replaced with each other, so, we can just switch from one machine to another one if needed.
What would you say to other businesses facing the same challenges as you did?
  Every person, living their own life, needs to have someone they can trust and rely on. And when it comes to business, it is very similar. You also want to rely not only on your colleagues and employees, but also on your suppliers and partners, of course. I am convinced, and proud too, that we have currently been satisfied with both our business and private lives. As for other companies, I would recommend them to find a trustful and reliable partner, too.


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