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New Serviform RubbA 1000: bigger, faster, smarter



Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners,
Ejection rubber fast and neatly cut is quite an art. Technology helps a lot, but you have to be able to choose the right one! Let’s help you to find out what suits your dieshop best, while presenting our latest release of automatic ejection rubber cutting machine.

RubbA 1000 is, first of all, very successful machine based on mechanical blade system. Why do we continue to insist on this technology rather than on water jet? Very simple: we tested both technologies over and over again and our case studies prove that mechanical cutting guarantee absolutely acceptable production speed as well as perfect quality cutting performance and mechanical reliability at very competitive operation/service costs. Well, and there no drying time for rubber!

Have a look at the video RubbA 
Furthermore, with the new enhancements, RubbA 1000 can also offer multitasking, even higher time optimization and waste reduction.
In fact, thanks to the bigger working area, which is now 1200x1000 mm, you can program multiple jobs at once and put them in the same cutting process.
RubbA 1000 can work with a full size rubber sheet. This means you won’t lose time to split your sheets before working them, so you will save precious time during your production process!

Waste reduction has always been one of our main goals: therefore it is obvious that RubbA 1000 is RubbAsave ready! RubbAsave, the Serviform tailored interface, allows to the operator to re-use the pads of waste rubber and, through a very powerful automatic nesting software, to use the rubber surface to the maximum.
No less important to us is the comfort of the die makers: the pneumatic cutting tool of RubbA 1000 is now super silent ensuring an appropriate working environment.
A high luminosity beamer projects the cutting paths on the rubber sheet so the operator can easily decide where to cut the rubber and optimize the cutting path.
The mechanical rigidity and the tool beam allow you to apply accelerations and cutting speeds considerably higher than cutting systems based on plotters.

RubbA 1000 can perform kiss cut, processing self-adhesive rubber without cutting the adhesive protection liner. As we said above at the end of the cutting process rubber is obviously dry so it can be directly installed in the die.
Thanks to our new tailored die-making software interface, RubbA 1000 also speaks die-maker's language! Direct CF2 and DDES formats feed the machine, no additional file generation is required.

Contact us for a demo via web! Just send your file to
We will be more than happy to show you all the functionalities of RubbA 1000 live while answering all your questions!

Stay safe and healthy!

All the best,
Team Serviform

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