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Nulla Dies Sine LineA



Not a day without LineA
Dear customers, partners and suppliers,
oftentimes it is useful to dive into history, so, while paraphrasing - with some poetic license - Pliny the Elder (Nat. History, 35) who refers to the famous painter Apelles, who did not let a day go by without sketching a few lines with his brush, we are convinced that also your die shop will benefit greatly from using Serviform® LineA every single day!  
Here we tell you why:
First and foremost, it is our high-end bender for both quality and productivity.
Productivity is surely linked to speed and there, believe us, we are second to no one!

Take NICKING for instance: 6 grinding wheels in a completely redesigned hyper solid nick grinding unit: average nicking time (2 mm deep) 1,4 seconds! Moreover, all the nicking functions are fully programable and settings are motorized.
And what about BROACHING? The multiple broaching tools are automatically changeable and will therefore give your production process a great acceleration! Individually adjustable in depth through software, broaching at the end of the pieces with full protection of the lips/miters. Well, try it and you will be amazed…
Furthermore, LineA features a BRAND NEW LOCKING DEVICE in the bending area which provides improved accuracy, dramatically increases speed and steel rule planarity. Bending limits and need to re-touch pieces by end is dramatically lower.
Perforating rule and cut/crease rule processed from standard rule with compressed air waste removal, so you finish your production process earlier!

Why wait any longer? As you could read, when using Serviform® LineA in every production process speed and accuracy will increase considerably and this fosters your business and promotes your success!
Do not hesitate to contact us for a live demo via Remote Care ( or to organize a meeting directly in our headquarters in Caravaggio, Italy.

All the best!
Team Serviform

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