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Serviform Eco2.0: when sustainability meets productivity



Dear customers, partners and suppliers,

Green marketing, is a very popular way of advertising environmental sustainability. But what matters for the future generations is that such values are real and not only a way of influencing the customers’ perception.
We from Serviform with our photovoltaic park are producing 72.400 kw which we deploy within the production process. Furthermore, our machines blend productivity with sustainability giving our customers technological synthesis of an advanced industrial process that harmonizes different yet compatible needs.

Take Serviform Eco2.0! Not only does it feature sustainability with its name – Ecologica – it also performs it from A to Z.
Let’s see how!

1. Reduced power consumption
Eco2.0 consumes the quantity of power you normally use for an hair drier, machines from the competition still working with 3phase power or, even worse, with hydraulic pumps, are using a lot more power to achieve even worse results in productivity and accuracy. Find out how much energy you can save while using Eco2.0. Nature will thank you, as well as your bank account!
2. Enhanced efficiency
Eco2.0 is fully electrical, which means, no more need for hydraulic pumps. This is why efficiency is truly at the top.
3. Optimized size
We developed Eco2.0 while focusing on saving as much space as possible in your die shop. Time but also SPACE is money!
4. Wide Tooling choice
Thanks to the interchangeable bending head system, Eco2.0 can work, with appropriate tooling, 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 Pt rule. Rule heights from 10,00 to 32,00 mm. All features of the machine are modular and can be added after the purchase of the machine. Thus including the revolutionary revolver punch nicks!
5. Super flexibility
Broaching module is available as optional, also perf and cut/crease, which makes the machine really flexible!

Eco2.0 meets perfectly all requirements of in house die shops and small and medium sized die-makers and in-house dieshops. Try us! Just send your file to We will be glad to give you a live demo of our Eco2.0 so you can see yourself how sustainability meets productivity!

All the best!
Team Serviform

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