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Serviform LineA



Becoming a high quality diemaker has never been so easy

What is high quality linked to? Normally and generally speaking to top performance in any production step. You can reach perfection, if there are more and more automation steps included. Well, once again we got it right, with our new Serviform LineA.

Just take a few minutes to go through the main key points our new top top-of-the-line die making machine can offer:
Production speed:
Serviform LineA and its bending sleeve technology is 33% faster than EcoPlus, our best-in-class high speed bender, well known on the market.
Brand new locking device:
The new machine has a super strong new locking device in the bending area, providing improved accuracy, dramatically increased speed and steel rule planarity.
Automatic multiple broaching:
The multiple broaching tools which are automatically changeable will give your production process a great boost! Individually adjustable in depth through software, broaching at the end of the pieces with full protection of the lips/miters.
Nicking faster than ever:
A 6 wheels completely redesigned hyper fast nick grinding unit: average nicking time (2 mm deep) 1,4 seconds.
Your waste – blown in the wind:
Perforating rule and cut/crease rule processed from standard rule with compressed air waste removal – literally blown away!

Have a look at our product video to get a quick overview at the main features.

With Serviform LineA your production process not only gains top quality bending results but also a huge contribution to diemaker automation. This means, as you can easily imagine, shorter production times and higher profitability.

Get in touch for a personalized online presentation: Remote Care, our remote video conference one-to-one to have a tailored demo on specific files. It is like coming and see us without moving from your place.
Please send to our specific mail address the die file you want to test (in DXF, CF, DDES format) and we will arrange for you a personalized meeting where we will be producing your die with our machines.

All the Best
Team Serviform

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