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Serviform Remote Care – our branded body camera now for sale!



Anniversaries normally mean big parties, happy people, tasty food and good drinks.
Well, it is quite unlikely, someone worldwide will be eager to celebrate 1 year of pandemic during which much of our lives where turned upside down and a big deal of obstacles appeared everywhere. Anyway we’ll survive and we’ll surely go on :)

In the last 12 months we from Serviform trained very hard in an extremely dynamic discipline: hurdling. Not that we were not acquainted with it, somehow overcoming obstacles is always part of our job, but we became really world class!

Look at our latest service offer: remote machine installation. As we reported last November, we already installed several machines worldwide without moving from our offices. Thanks to the live video and audio communication we guide you through machine set-up and thus reducing the risk of infection for you and ourselves. What did we add to smoothen the process and ease the operation? We scouted, found and worked on a body camera which gives our operator the opportunity to virtually slip into your head and look at the machine together while guiding you step by step through the set up.

The effect is amazing, as the operations are driven with much precision and accuracy that mix-ups are practically impossible. The result is an important reduction of installation times on one hand while on the other you take part to a first training session on the job as you can ask as much questions as you need to our technician.

Our newly developed body camera is now ready for sale!
It is composed by a special visor to be mounted on the remote technician head with an eye-positioned camera and a microphone. There is a long connection cord to connect to machine computer. A plug and play easy solution to put our people in the position of assisteing machines without moving and eliminate the possibility of infection!

Contact us or the nearest agent for a demo and an offer!
We will be happy to have you in our hurdling team!

All the best!
Team Serviform

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