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Serviform RubbA



Serviform RubbA is magic, even without a wizard’s wand

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Partners
How do you get the rubber cut in a precise and quick way, spending the right price for it and maintaining low service and running costs?
If you think you would need Harry Potter’s magic wand, you are far away from reality! Get a Serviform RubbA and you will have it all in one!
RubbA is our automatic ejection rubber cutting machine based on a mechanical blade system. The cut-to-size table is made up of a mechanical head positioned above an x-y table with a much more stable structure than other mechanical cutting solutions as it is based on a super sturdy structure (cast aluminium) which guarantees mechanical strength and superior accuracy.

Why do we prefer a mechanical solution instead of a water jet technology? As usual, we observed first, and then we listened to our customers. We catch the essential, we get into action and elaborate what we think might be a really intelligent solution for our customers.
What we learned is that many die-cutters, especially the small and medium seize ones are often facing  budget restrictions and the high operation/service costs.  Water jet has good quality, but is far too expensive to buy and to maintain! Without considering the environmental issues connected to the polluted water disposal and the fact that the cut rubber is delivered wet and need time to dry up. 

We chose to work on a mechanical blade system which we developed expressly for the die-making industry. What did we aim to get? Good quality cutting performance, decent cutting speed and mechanical reliability.
The mechanical rigidity and the original cantilevered tool arm allow you to apply accelerations and cutting speeds considerably higher than cutting systems based on plotters.
Another RubbA peculiar feature is the presence of a high luminosity beamer: projecting the cutting paths on the rubber sheet so the operator can easily decide where to cut the rubber and optimize the cutting path.

Comparing it with a classic water-jet, RubbA is definitely cheaper in terms of purchase price and running/maintenance costs. On top of it the RubbA can perform kiss cut, processing self-adhesive rubber without cutting the adhesive protection liner.
Thanks to our new tailored die-making software interface, RubbA speaks die-maker's language now! Direct CF2 and DDES format feed the machine, no additional file generation is required.
Also the optional RubbASave software allows the operator to input the waste rubber shape and optimize the parts nesting in a super comfortable way.

Check on line, here are the related video! RubbA and RubbASave.

RubbA: ejection rubber cutting made easy at a really nice price!
Our distributors will be happy to show you the machine in a personalized live demo!

All the best,
Team Serviform

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