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Serviform Rubbot2020



With Serviform Rubbot 2020 die maker automation is now reality

Dear customers, suppliers and partners,
Today we want to present you Rubbot2020, our fully automatic pick-and-place robot, the striking product news - a world premiere - we launched in June via streaming (you want to see again the presentation? Just ask us streaming is available!).

As it is a unique machine, the first on the market, we want you to have a look at the video first. At the end we are sure you will be eager to read all about its technical features and benefits, Rubbot2020 is already in production, a solid and tangible reality!

There are at least 3 good reasons why your die production process can no longer do without Serviform Rubbot2020:

1. If you like it or not, rubbering is a bottleneck, but this is now history!
Serviform Rubbot2020 operates fully automatic and completely unattended. Your rubber specialist can do more value-added work now while our machine executes the time-consuming rubbering operations. At the end of the work, the machine draws up a report, indicating the pieces that need further pressure before being considered finished and ready for delivery.

2. Your rubber waste will instantly be reduced by 30%!
A very important part of the system is a revolutionary nesting software (autoRubbA) that allows you to automatically modify rubber pieces designed by the CAD office to adapt them to the arm’s capture possibilities.

3. Your production process will be boosted with a tangible effect on your production costs!
A 6-updie is produced in about 40 minutes, but Serviform engineers are working to further reduce this time. Today Rubbot2020 can make 106 format dies, but the next developments will also see the addition of 145 format and eventually 2000 mm.

Rubbot2020 is THE solution for a completely automated die production.
The automated robot reads the CAD file of the rubber cutting, thanks to a video camera inserted in the mechanical arm and, after detecting the position of the die on the flat table, identifies the individual pieces of self-adhesive rubber, picks them up one by one, placing them in the correct area in the die. Rubbot2020 is able to work with any type of self adhesive sheet rubber commonly used for the production of dies and can handle well both rubber sheets cut with oscillating knife or waterjet machines.

Contact us for a demo via web! Just send your file to
We will be more than happy to show you all the functionalities of Rubbot 2020 live while answering all your questions!

All the best!
The Serviform Team

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