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Fully automatic creasing matrix preparation

  • creasing matrix cut and chamfer

  • direct data import from CAD

  • uses creasing matrix in coils

Creasing matrix cut-to-length in automatic. Now you can.

  1. Eventually from Serviform, market leader for the production of diemaking machines, an effective and cost effective solution for the automatic preparation of creasing matrix.
  2. Using material in coils Automatrix cuts and chamfers creasing matrix supplying to the diecutters arrays of material already cut to length ready to be transferred to the cutting plate. Data for creasing matrix length can be entered through machine keyboard or transferred in automatic from the die CAD drawing. Automatrix uses the Serviform SDDS software, the same software controlling our diemaking machines.
  3. Processing material in coils dramatically reduces waste. In any case Automatrix can also handle material in lengths.
  4. Automatrix is a compact processing unit, it can be installed aside diecutters. It is powered by full electric punching and transport units. A tailor made 45° tool guarantees high cut quality and long life. Automatrix can process creasing matrix with plastic, polyester and metal base.
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How much consumes your current Special machines?*

Automatrix consumes only 0,5 KW per hour.

That's how much you can save

* You can find the data on the product label or in the manual of your current machine
** The calculation is based on 8 hours daily for 250 days a year. (0.12 € / kW - F2 band - except fixed power).

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