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Diemakers from all over the world



Caravaggio, Italy - June 27th - 30th

Diemakers from all over the world in Caravaggio for the event organised by our Group

The international OpenHouse week organised by the Serviform group ended last Saturday 30th June. The event was attended by a truly international public: no less than 170 customers originating from 20 countries, including Australia, Japan, South Africa, India, the United States, Mexico and Turkey, just to mention the most distant countries. Naturally, there was also a strong presence from Italy and from various European countries, for example, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Great Britain, Scandinavia and Czech Republic.

“For years our Group’s exports have exceeded a level of 90% reaching approximately 60 countries”, commented Mauro Tomelleri, the sales director of Pro Form (a member company of the Serviform group dedicated to the production of numerically controlled machines for diemakers).
“To make the actual production environment known, but above all the team of persons that uses its best efforts every day to supply impeccable machines and services to customers originating from all over the world, strengthens the bond with the company and increases the perceived quality.”

Therefore, from 27th to 30th June, the visitors were able to see the complete range of Serviform machines at work: EcoGiant and EcoPlus, two families of new generation bending machines, RubbA, the rubber cutting machine, RotaNeXt, a state-of-the-art machine for rotary die-cutter manufacturers, MillaPlus, the numerically controlled machining centre dedicated to milling operations, MTLLaser MTL 1521 DC015, the compact laser cutting machine using Slab3 Rofin Sinar cutting technology and Sysform, the modular software created by Serviform, based on AutoCAD / AutoCAD OEM that manages the creation of boxes of every type and is able to create all the tools for any die-cutting system.

The number one attraction were the new IntegrAStrip machines, the centralised system to process the steel rules for extractors and IntegrACrease, a production unit for creasing rules, lasercrease machines and straight cutting rules.

In addition to the products on display, the guests were also able to visit Foppa Fustelle, the Serviform Group’s diemaker that also performs the important role of a tester for the numerically controlled machines produced by Pro Form. This configuration is unique in its field and provides an inestimable added value, since all the new models placed on the market can boast a quality that is really guaranteed by actual use in the production of diemakers.

The Serviform Diemakers Performance Team composed of sales, technical and administrative personnel looked after the guests, illustrating the technical features of the machines and answering the numerous questions.

A savoury food and wine trip to complete the experience at Serviform to delight palates from all over the world could not be missing in order to discover the typical regional specialities, which included “Salva Cremasco”, a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) cow’s milk table cheese made from unheated curd, the Bergamo Salami and the creative Italian rice salads with locally sourced vegetables, grown in the surrounding countryside.

A big thank you goes to all of you for your numerous participation and for the interest shown towards our companies and our products and services. Your proactive interventions are continuous motivations to continue the research and development of new machines and innovative technological solutions that can help improve your production process and, consequently, increase your and our success.

All the best,
Team Serviform

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